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highway hospital

Welcome to Highway Hospital & Trauma Centre

Highway Hospital and Trauma Centre (P) Ltd was founded in 2003 by Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh and Dr. Surabhi Verma .

This hospital has travelled remarkable journey in the Orthopaedics, it gave the birth to Highway Institute of Emergency and Trauma Care Technician in 2017. Institute is located at 373 Snehi Nagar, Sitapur Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


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Our Administration


Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh

Master of Surgery (Orthopaedics)

Dr. Surabhi Verma

35000+ Patients per year
3000+ IPD Patients per year
5 Consultants
5 Ambulance

Our Facilities

24x7 Casualty

Open 24x7, with expert doctors and surgeons available for emergency treatment. All efforts are made to provide all essential care and investigation in the premises to save the life of trauma patients.

Trauma Care

The hospital boasts comprehensive trauma-related surgical specialties and sub-specialties and supports acute medical specialties and sub-specialties.


We have in premises pharmacy which has the key purpose of ensuring that patients can receive the right medicine at the right time by an efficient and economical system.

X-Ray & ECG

We have X-ray and ECG units inside the premises as these investigations may be required during emergency for a patient.


Our hospital has six beds ICU Ward including two Ventilators.

Operation Theatre

We have two major, two minor operation theatres and two septic operation theatres.